Healing Autoimmune Conditions with Essential Sugars and Cholesterol


Nutrient deficiencies are frequently missed yet common triggers for autoimmune conditions. In Part 2 of my video series with Mary Ruddick, CNC, Mary and I discuss nutrient deficiencies and offer tips on how to address them. Prepare to be surprised by potential hidden deficiencies that are rarely identified.

Key Points

  • Nutritional deficiencies are a big issue for those with autoimmune disorders. Many are advised to take Vitamin D and other supplements — Mary explains why you should think twice before taking supplements, and offers simple, food-based alternatives.
  • People with autoimmune disorders are frequently deficient in polysaccharides –essential sugars also known as “glyconutrients” — but they are rarely talked about. Abundant in most traditional diets, the 8 essential polysaccharides help regulate and balance the immune system.  Mary tells us which foods are rich in polysaccharides, and points us to a helpful resource, and the many studies that support this approach.
  • Mary illuminates the importance of amino acids, which are essential for the health of the gut lining, and help build up the “feel-good” chemicals in the gut, like dopamine and serotonin.
  • Spoiler alert and myth buster: dietary cholesterol is essential to nourishing the immune and nervous systems, and to preventing and reversing autoimmune conditions!


Book: Heal With Amino Acids and Nutrients by Billie J Sahley & Katherine M. Birkner

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Take good care!